Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking back over five years...

Five years ago today, I started this blog. Originally titled "Viper's World", long before "the farm" was on the horizon. (I loved this stash of early Viper's World headers)

At the time, I was in my second year of chairing the Relay For Life of Tacoma, single, with my little pup in the north end. Pope John Paul II passed away. Team Merrill Lynch was in its second year as a Relay For Life team, raising $35,500 and being recognized as the Top Corporate Team.

Sadly, some things don't change. Several of my good friends were diagnosed with cancer in 2005, and I wrote this piece on suffering. The decision to fight back is ever present -- as we continue to Relay, in a different town, in a different event, on a different team...but for the same purpose.

I am sitting here, snuggled in with a snuffly Thomas, on the farm.

I never would have imagined that all roads would end up leading to a small town in Rainier, but I had hope. After writing Confessions of an Online Dater, I heard from so many people who met online. Today, nearly half a dozen married couples we know met online. And yes, here was my first online profile.

I am grateful to the internet for helping me find Jonathan. Or rather, helping Jonathan find me. :) And for the resulting awesome little Wee Ski.

I love that I have a chronicle of the past five years, all in one place.

To celebrate, I'm doing three little giveaways over the next week...all relating to things that I love. Favorites of mine.

The giveaways will open in the morning, and you'll have the chance to win by commenting. I'll draw that night at 9 pm, and post the winner. The giveaways will be this Friday, next Monday and next Wednesday...with the themes of baby, from the oven, and of course, Relay For Life. :)

Happy 5 year blog-a-versary!


KCina said...

Happy blog-a-versary! It'll be 4 years for me in April....5 years in March since V & I met...Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd find the future father of my kiddo and my best friend via are living proof that great things DO happen thru online dating! ;-)

~ Kathy

Angie said...

Happy blog-a-versary as well! I hope that in addition to having a great chronicle of your life and its journey, you also realize that because of your open writing and willingness to share, you have inspired so many people - myself included. I truely admire your faith, your passion, and most of all your humor. I look forward to reading your updates every morning because I know it will start my day out with a slice of good news or hope. Have a wonderful day!

P.S. JPII died on my wedding day DURING my wedding ceremony...I hope that isn't a sign...

Unknown said...

Happy Bolg-a-Versary! I have enjoyed reading it through the years and have picked up so many tips from you and the blog!

MzPoodle2U said...

Shelley, I'm so glad that I found your blog. It's brought laughter, wisdom, tears and insight into my daily routine. It will be 9 years on June 19th from the date I received an errant email from John that started everything off for us. His email was somehow routed to me (even though it wasn't meant for me) and we emailed and chatted on the phone for almost a year before we had our first date. We married 3 years later on the date of that first email and welcomed our first child, our sweet baby boy, last November. It just goes to prove that God has a definite plan for each and every one of us and that things truly do happen in His own time. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with each of us. :)

Lacey Meadows said...

Ok...since I am you #1 blog lurker, i really think i should win: Thanks for keeping entertained, thinking and giveing me some great ideas. I have loved watching your life change and have been glad to be a little part of some of it! Keep it up...Happy Blogiversary

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

How fun that you still have your first online profile! If it wasn't for you, I would have never put up my first profile which led to meeting my husband. Yea! Your passion, your hope and faith are so inspiring! -Marie

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