Thursday, June 21, 2007


while discussing the invite list for the wedding...

jonathan: shel, what does this mean?

shelley: what?

jonathan: it seems like a lot of our wedding guests have STDs.

shelley: what are you talking about?

jonathan: here. [showing me the spreadsheet] they all have 1 listed under "STD".

shelley: babe, that's not "STD" as in "STD". it's showing that they should get a 'save the date' card. it means they live far away.

jonathan: oh, good. i was worried there would be a lot of people in blue dresses.

(shelley's note: jonathan was present the evening of the estrogen militia bbq at my house and overheard stella telling a story about how brides who wear blue dresses have STDs. you never know what you'll hear when stella starts talking. so glad that jonathan overheard that particular conversation. yup, my friends don't seem odd at all.)

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