Sunday, December 30, 2007


the new mr. and mrs. jonathan sprouffske!

this self-portrait is our first self-portrait as husband and wife...taken while walking down the aisle, out of our wedding mass. i believe this does mean that i 'shot my own wedding'! :)

seriously, the past four days have been nothing short of amazing. there were so many moments that we loved...and since we're heading to the airport in a bit, we'll blog later...probably in about two weeks!

first and foremost though, a huge thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible - our family, friends and loved are a gift to us.

and to my new husband, i love you. i promise to let you sleep in on the honeymoon.

a little something to tide you over until our wedding photos are up for preview...shown at the wedding reception...

(if the slideshow doesn't load on your computer, click here)

don't be surprised if there's no action here on the blog until mid-January. we're taking nothing electronic with us (except for my cameras) - no phones, no laptops, nothing. it will be magical!

rarotonga, here we come!


Anonymous said...

Shelley & Johnathan:

We are soooo... sorry to have missed your special most perfect day! Our whole family has been sick, sick, sick, actualy since before christmas. And as Mom, well after a while it actualy does catch up with you. I prayed for a perfect day for you both, and can not wait to hear all about it back at work. You both look so happy. Again I am so sorry to have missed such a special day in your life, but know we were there in thought and prayer.
Best wishes for a very relaxing honeymoon.
Love, The Meadows Fam. Lacey, Dave, Katie & Aubery

Nancy E said...

We TOO are SO sorry not to be able to fly out to Tacoma for your special day - - I think there is a renew your vows at Loveland on Vday in our future! CAN't wait to see your photos -- loved the video and I keep up on your blog as much as possible (at least once a week because you are such a great writer!).

Miss you! Hope you are enjoying the Honeymoon!
Nancy & Steve (&S&S&S)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful celebration! So glad we could be there to watch you two start married life together. Many, many blessings.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun you crazy kids!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I Love the slideshow Shelley... Your signatured laugh will make everyone surrounds you happy :) ~erwin

Anonymous said...

dude- congrats. May your new life together bring great adventures and an ever growing love for one another! :)


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