Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Wedding Party: Dave

Connection: Friend, Ex-Boss

Where/When/How we met:
Shelley and I both got to know Dave in two very different ways. Dave was my Resident Hall Manager when I started at Saint Martin’s College. He was brand new to the Saint, by way of Linfield College, and I was fresh out of high school. After my freshman year he became my boss as I served as a RA in the dorms until he left the Saint in 2003. Throughout that time we had a lot of great experiences at Saint Martin’s and our friendship continues with Dave’s adventures.

Shelley met Dave, I believe in 2003 (Shelley can edit as she sees fit). By then Dave was working in the Tacoma office of the American Cancer Society, they got to know each other due to Shelley’s involvement with Relay for Life. Dave is a great example of one of the many friends who we are fortunate to have in our lives that knew both of us individually and now still loves us both as we grow together.

Dave and his beautiful girlfriend Kristy:

Dave showing us a bird:

See Shelley and I aren't the only ones that make goofy self portraits:

My top 5 Favorite Memories of Dave:
1. Competing in the RA Olympics at Gameworks.
2. Being the Guinea Pig for his cooking when he was learning how to cook, which by the way he has mastered quite well. Some day when he decides to open up his own restaurant I will be able to say, I knew him when his potato soup tasted like wet cheerios.
3. Being able to live upstairs from Dave, so that we could just shout through the air vents.
4. Playing in the Dorms Jack and Jill Softball tournament.
5. Having game night at Dave’s apartment, especially playing that infamous game “Don’t be a Dork.”

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OMG it's almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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