Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Wedding Party: Noah

Connection: Friend, Ex-Co-Worker, Board Member

Where/When/How we met:
Noah was a junior when I was a freshman at Saint Martin’s College. Little did we know how much our paths would become intertwined over the next 8 years.

Noah and I both started our appointments to the Saint Martins Alumni Board back in 2003. Then in 2005, he was kind enough to take a chance on a struggling law student and recommended me for a job at Smith Alling Lane. In January 2007, when the Governmental Affairs group performed their “strategic alliance” with Gordon Thomas Honeywell Noah again watched out for me and brought me over in the realignment. Even though we no longer work together, I will never forget his loyalty and friendship. For those of you ladies out there looking for a smart, successful, catholic, single guy please feel free to look him up at our reception.

Noah’s photo from The Olympian when he is a guest columnist:

Noah, Governmental Affairs Consultant Extraordinaire:

Noah, Danny, and I at the President’s Gala in 2006:

My top 5 Favorite Memories of Noah:
1. Working at the Capital Food and Wine Festival together.
2. Watching boxing matches as “legal research”.
3. A variety of Alumni Events, including the President’s Gala.
4. Making runs up to the Greek Restaurant in Tacoma on our lunch break.
5. Playing Softball together on the Pierce County Bar Associations Softball Team.

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