Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'twas the night before christmas...

....and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
not even a maltipomapoo...


jonathan and i agreed to a wedding-talk free day for the holiday. with the exception of cleaning and organizing the living room and boxes, it was simply that. 40 hours of family, treats, presents, christmas mass, and us.

it was perfect....exactly what we needed.

the best way i can tell that "i let go" and didn't need everything organized?

the christmas tree was still on the deck, undecorated, on it's side. at least it made it into the tree stand!

the tree was indicative of how this season has flown by - we are 'tree hunting' in the dark with a spotlight on november 30th, hosting the christmas tree open house on the 1st and cutting it down, and we simply never found a night to just bring it in and put it up.

it's almost sacrilege to be on a tree farm and not put up a tree. it was the first time, in 30 years, that i celebrated christmas without a tree (inside the house).

monday, jonathan was sworn in as fire commissioner (since the actual ceremony begins at the same time as our wedding rehearsal on thursday). we headed out to mom and dad's for dinner and christmas with the fam.

on christmas morning, we celebrated mass at st. columban in yelm, and over to sandi and jerry's for jonathan's side of the family. so much fun experiencing christmas through ian and jaren's eyes - they were so excited for everything!

today, i spent the morning with auntie karen and uncle johnie, jonathan's cousins jimmy, jana, her husband tom, their kids max and elise, and alisa, ian, and jared, as we all made the wreaths to line the pews at the wedding. in spite of my terrible talent at wreath making (which should improve next season) - they turned out beautifully. a mix of nobles, douglas fir, and cedar.

it was viper's first time at a family event on the farm - and she came out muddy and sleepy after fending off three big dogs for a few hours. max and elise renamed her peaches and sugar, respectively.

it's really hard to believe the wedding is just a few short days away.

off to head into the office, finish up my last projects before taking time off, and over to the mall to check off the last things before the wedding!

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