Saturday, September 2, 2006

a litany

thursday was a lame day in my life. it was frustrating. it was irritating. dealing with people who were frustrating and irritating. and i probably was just as frustrating and irritating too.

enter the september issue of magnificat.

the peeps in my corner of the office arrived on friday morning to find, in each of our offices, copies of one of the blessings in the front of the issue. copied by dad.

good stuff.

the litany to sanctify work

the catechism teaches that "daily work... if... accomplished in the Spirit -- indeed even the hardships of life if patiently born - all these become spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ" (CCC 901). In a spirit of sacrifice, we consecrate our workday to the Lord and pray:

Lord protect me...
From the temptation to be listless and lazy.
From the temptation to complain.
From the temptation to be critical of my boss.
From the temptation to cheat or be dishonest with others.
From the temptation to gossip.
From the temptation to lateness.
From the temptation to waste time.
From the temptation to be judgmental of my co-workers.
From the temptation to procrastinate.
From the temptation to be jealous or envious of others.
From the temptation to indolence and lethargy.
From the temptation to be hypercritical.
From the temptation to engage in idle conversation.
From the temptation to be quick to take offense.
From the temptation to shift my work onto others.
From the temptation to impatience.
From the temptation to cut corners or to be sloppy.
From the temptation to give into weariness.

Lord, please grant it...
For the grace to be a peacemaker.
For the grace to witness to you by word and example.
For the grace to be energetic and committed.
For the grace to be compassionate and forgiving.
For the grace to offer up all tedium and drudgery.
For the grace to be attentive to those in need.
For the grace to be generous in sharing.
For the grace to be prudent in dealing with others.
For the grace to be kind.
For the grace to be understanding.
For the grace to fulfill my responsibilities well.
For the grace to be patience and perservering.
For the grace to put myself in others' shoes.
For the grace to be dedicated and undistracted.
For the grace to be honest and forthright.
For the grace to be hard-working.
For the grace to be free of stress.
For the grace of insight to solve problems.
For the grace of industriousness.
For the grace to resolve conflicts and difficulties.
For the grace to put up with hardships.
For the grace to esteem the dignity of my co-workers.
For the grace to be thankful for the chance to work.
For the grace to spread the good news of the Gospel.

Our Father...
and for the record, dad and i both agreed to both initial the ones we're working on. :)

thanks, papa. i needed the reminder.

i love you.


Ryder said...

Had to comment Shelley. This is great. It's scarry, but I need it already. The "7" ain't exactly the most exciting material, and learning it from scratch is...a chore. So thanks, to you and yer papa.

Ryder said...

It's even scarier that I can't spell "scary"!

Unknown said...

Shelley, I printed this litany out, and I am putting it on my cubicle wall. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks to your dad for getting it out there!

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