Sunday, June 24, 2007

the weekend in rainier

spent the weekend down in rainier...sunshine, rain, thunderstorms, cold and wind all rolled into three days.

jonathan was at the fire department all night on friday, so i headed over to the thurston county relay for life. the thurston relay is the event of a good friend of mine - who is chairing the divisional training task force that i'm on for the american cancer society. one of the most organized and kind women i know. the event was a blast - smaller in scale than tacoma - $300k is projected - but very cozy and fun. jonathan would love to have a family team there - and after visiting, i'm thinking that's not a bad idea. :)

i loved being anonymous at the relay - i shot photos for a few hours for the national calendar competition and just absorbed being one of the crowd. loved it.

on saturday, we celebrated jonathan's graduation from law school with his family and friends in town. it was the first time that i had my camera in rainier for a family here's a few glimpses of the wee ones in his fam.

jared, who is just over a year old now...

keikilani, who amazed us all with her cartwheels. her curls were much shorter than the last time i'd seen them...she 'cut them for the cancer people who need wigs". a little girl after my own heart. ♥

ian, who is normally quite the ham for the camera.

one of my most favorite photos of ian and jonathan.

ian and jared, at the site of where their new home is being built. they've got a pile of dirt and wood to play in that they work on.

jared, with ian's shovel. :)

and this is just one of the reasons i will love living in rainier...taken from rainier road. :)


Anonymous said...

Great pics. It's funny that Ian looks the quietest.

shelley said...

i know...since he's just about as quiet as you are!

Kayfire said...

Hey Shelley - whose the ADORABLE little blond cutie pie there with Jonathan? He just makes you want to squeeze his cheeks he's so sweet! :)

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