Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My first online profile...

The above photo, taken in 1999 at the Stagg Bowl. Michael Peterson, PLU alumni and former EMAL football player, sang the song From Here To Eternity...after which I decided to call off my wedding. Anyway, this was my profile photo on Catholic Singles.

The deets from my profile are excerpted below...

Username ScrappieBull
Age 24
Sex F
Height 5'6"
Weight 175
Eyes hazel
Hair brown
Location Tacoma, WA

More Info About ScrappieBull
My primary interest in finding a match is a soulmate.
My marital status is single.
My ethnic background is Caucasian
My personality is an extrovert.
I consider myself to have average looks.
When asked if they have children, ScrappieBull responded no.
When asked if they want children once married, ScrappieBull responded yes.
My education level is a four-year degree.
My main hobby is other (see essay).
I attend church every week.
When asked if they drink, ScrappieBull responded Sometimes.
When asked if they smoke, ScrappieBull responded no.
For a match, I am willing to travel within 50 miles.
When asked if they can marry in the church, ScrappieBull responded yes.
My current occupation is Financial Advisor.
My favorite foods are Seafood, fountain Coke from McDonalds, and *anything* lemon flavored.
My favorite movies are Return to Me, any 1980s John Hughes film, and the always intellectually challenging Dumb and Dumber.
My favorite books are Surprised by Truth, Rome Sweet Home, and Sweet Season (about St. John's in Collegeville).
My favorite music is Anything but country.

My most significant religious experience is:
Spending Triduum with the teens in our youth group - being part of their journey to Easter was amazing. I am constantly blessed and humbled by their sincere desire to love and serve Him! WYD 2002 is coming up...and I can't wait! To celebrate Christ in the midst of hundreds of thousands of other young we come, Toronto!

When asked to complete a short essay describing themselves, ScrappieBull had this to say: My life is essentially four things - my family, my work, youth ministry, and sports...and I am trusting the Lord to help with the balance! I thrive on small college football, sharing my faith and being a mentor to teens, and coaching little girls' basketball. I am creative - and sometimes I'm a little messy. I love getting up early in the morning. I'm told that my laugh is contagious (is that good or bad?)...and love my profession - a powerful way to make a positive impact on others' lives. I can't mow a lawn to save my life, but I make incredible lemon white chocolate chip cookies! The Lord has blessed me abundantly so far in my life - and he's preparing my heart for the one who will complete my joy in Him.

What I am looking for, ScrappieBull had this to say:
A strong man of Christ who values his faith - recognizes that he is the spiritual head of the family - and cherishes the vows of marriage. He'll challenge me to be a better friend, soulmate, daughter, and eventually mother...and likewise with him.

My ideal first date might be, ScrappieBull had this to say:
Catching an early game to hang out and it off with a fountain coke from McDonalds'! =) Really...Mass and just about anything would be ideal - it's really the journey more than the destination!

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