Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ten Things to do with $153

  1. A Dooney credit card wallet
  2. Four haircuts for Viper
  3. 38 pairs of Mikey and Jonathan's favorite flip flops from the ABC Stores in Hawaii
  4. 5 sets of the Cocktail Party from Philosophy
  5. A 2G compactflash card for my Rebel
  6. Two months of my BlackBerry from T-Mobile
  7. 25 Berrie Berrie smoothies w/PB from Emerald City Smoothie
  8. Print some sweet custom photo cards from winkflash ;)
  9. Order some cool cards to celebrate changes in your life
  10. Pay the speeding ticket I got tonight in my little 323.

God bless the cop who pulled me over. Not only was he aestetically pleasing, but he was so nice. Oh, and he listed my weight as 100. I'm considering not paying it, and framing it on my wall.

What a good man. :)

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