Saturday, August 20, 2005

Four years ago

August 24, 2001. Nearly four years ago.

Mikey, Jonathan, Todd, McGrann and Trevor were just beginning their senior year as captains of the PLU Football team...we all left for Breakaway, and I had the chance to serve on it, and take in part of Mike's world. Notice the really cute gal in the gray shirt? :)

It's hard to believe that the 2005 season is the first season of Lutes Football in which none of the guys played with these captains.

What an amazing group of young men. A lot of these friendships continue on, four years after their senior year. And I'm especially grateful for those who have had a big impact on my brother and my family...

Had a chance to spend some great time tonight with Jonathan while he's home from Colorado... Someone who knows most of my family's crazy antics, and finds laughs in all of them. The one guy who can mimic my mom's laugh down to a "T". Big K.

Someday, you'll graduate to simply calling her that. :)

Jonathan...thank you for loving my fam unconditionally.

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