Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the heavens opened...

...the sun shone, the angels were singing and God said, "Let there be eggs."

And there was.


Our chickens finally started laying! Big, beautiful, pastel colored eggs.

The chickens earned a full Eglu cleaning, with fresh straw and lots of happy praise.

The birds are now safe from my frying pan!


Mrs. B said...

You are such a nerd... but I loved this blog post! It made me smile. Congratulations:)

KCina said...

Yeah for home grown eggs! They are the best...we get all our eggs from a guy at work...they are so much better than store bought!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Dang, I thought we were having oven roasted chicken with rosemary garlic sauce this weekend... Oh well, I will settle for an omelete....

Unknown said...

Mark and I have been getting fresh eggs from a co-worker of his and we love them! They are so much better than store eggs!

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