Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

We woke up this morning to crazy snow on the farm.

The original forecast had the snow arriving on Saturday, which was a nightmare thinking that I would be driving back from Portland with Thomas and my good friend Michelle and her son Eli on the back roads to the house.

Thankfully, the snow showed up Sunday morning, and it hasn't stopped since.  Since we had an incredibly lame winter last year (and summer, for that matter...), I was in snow-happy-dance-land all day long.

A few of my fave images from Sunday...

Thomas trying out his new snowsuit.   I picked up an awesome 3T Lands' End snowsuit for him at the Creme Brulee consignment sale last spring, and hoped he could use it for the next few winters.  I also found a cozy jacket in 2T from Children's Place at the same sale -- and everything together was cheaper than his snow boots.  Go figure!  I should have gotten the snow boots at the Nordstrom Rack -- awesome deals!!

Anyway - the 3T pants and 2T jacket are perfect.  And he was happy in the snow, so long as his hands didn't get messy.

The photo below -- just before Maggie knocked him on his bum.  Snowpocalypse of tears following.  Snow day for him OVER.

This was baby Eli's first snow -- being a little Arizona sunbunny, it was so fun to see him with the giant flakes that were falling!

When both boys were down for a nap, Michelle and I went for a long walk throughout the farm.  The snow kept falling, but it was awesome -- the scent of wet needles, the silence of the land with the blanket of insulation over everything -- until Maggie the dog figured out which of the electric fences was actually on.  She let out a big yelp and stayed pretty close to us from then on.  :)

Michelle and I had a very fun, low key visit.  We hardly ever get to spend time together at Relay events, so it was a huge blessing that we were able to make it work this weekend.  

The fields just before the Ski family campsite on the farm...

The lower fields, taken from the crestline above.  Don't those trees look happy?  Wouldn't they look awesome in your living room?  Tree sales begin the day after Thanksgiving!! 

It is crazy cold tonight on the farm.  Jonathan and I decided to bring the chickens into the garage into Viper's old dog crate.  We had to hike through 8" of snow to get to the run, and break the ice on the outside. 

Rainier Schools are already cancelled for tomorrow. Bellarmine is cancelled as well -- they don't return to school until Monday of next week!

I'm hoping to go sledding on the awesome sleds that we received from the Brownrices last Christmas, especially since we haven't had snow even remotely like this since Christmas 2008.  And sledding while you're nine months pregnant isn't as fun as one would think. 

Hope you're warm and toasty tonight! The snow's still falling -- so we'll see what kind of winter wonderland we'll wake up to!

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Unknown said...

I finally got a chance to read this post and I love it. I feel so honored to have made your blog! :-) Thank you again for your hospitality and sharing your beautiful farm with Eli and I. I had a blast with you Shelley!

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