Saturday, August 7, 2010

The RossSki Farm Campout

Yesterday, the Ross fam came down for a little camping, Ski style.  

Never in a million years did I think I would ever live somewhere that I could go camping...without leaving home.

And let me tell you, IT ROCKS.

Especially with little kids. The ones who are still in cribs. You can get the camping experience during the day. At night, the dads and older kids stay and camp all night, and the moms head back with the little ones to the house for a giant bathtime, bedtime, and then drinks on the deck for the mommies.  Pretty sure that the daddies had something similar around the campfire after the kids went to bed.

A year ago, when Angelica was born (hereto referred to as "Thomas's future wife"), Ed brought little Eddie and Sam down for the weekend to have some guy bonding time while Crystal and Angelica bonded at home for the first few days.  Lucy hung with her grandparents.  The guys built a campsite in the woods near the lower noble fir fields, with a fire pit, spot for doing your #1 and #2 business, and a spot for the tents.  Perfect for a little getaway.  Without leaving home.

This year, all the Ross kids came down.  So. much. fun.

Thomas was in heaven with all the chaos.  He couldn't stop laughing or playing or running or giggling or hugging or kissing. 

Crystal and I had dinner up at the house with Thomas, Angelica and Lucy, and then we packed up the littlest ones and headed out to the campsite.  As we are still without a younger sibling for Thomas, this was the first time we broke in the Duallie.  And it was just as awesome as the single Bob on the farm. 

In Rainier orange, of course.  :)

Angelica and her older sister, Lucy

Crystal with Little Eddie.


Sam, the fearless protector of the campsite.

Eddie assumed Bob duties for me.  Maggie (in the background) was so awesome with the kids -- especially fickle Angelica, who couldn't decide if she hated or loved her.  The kids loved her -- and Lucy is her new biggest fan.  EVERY time Maggie stepped down a tree row or out of sight, Lucy was first to alert us to make sure we didn't lose her.  She led the cheering section when Maggie made it down the driveway that night. 

Ed whipped up hobo pies for the guys on the fire.  We had a taste, and it was good.  Ground beef, onions, peppers, corn, and other goodness.

Thomas, on his first overnight campout date with Angelica.  Putting his hand on her knee.  She doesn't look like a fan.  Good girl.  Play hard to get. 

Lucy, headed off into the woods to collect sticks.

Little Eddie was a champion of bringing back wood for the fire.

And we look mighty fine for camping.  :)  Thomas was especially focused on taking a good photo with Angelica.  Thanks, kid.

The guys and their dinner.  Tasty goodness.

I leave you with one of my favorites: Angelica's squishy face up against the screen tent.

Angelica Sprouffske.  That has a good ring to it.  :)

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