Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet, sweet sledding

There are a handful of images of Thomas that I adore. That make me happy when I think of them.  To the point I grin without seeing it physically in front of me. 

This is one of them:

We ended up with a ton of snow on the farm!  I have the blessing and curse of loving snow -- since I was wide awake at 3:00 am, trying to determine just how much snow was falling and what was ahead for the day.  Since Jonathan was planning on working at the office today, he kicked me out of bed promptly at 3:02 am, since he wasn't as excited to chat about all things frozen.

And so I was up.  I folded clothes, watched a little Saved by the Bell, and finished the Thanksgiving menu.  I cleaned out the fridge entirely and it sparkles.  There's a chance I may have gazed into my fridge today, just appreciating my own reflection in the sparkling clear shelves. 

When the sun finally came up, this is what we saw:

Big snowdrifts, heavy branches with snow, and the sweet sound of the muted outdoors, with the cushion of snow to soften everything it touches. 

Jonathan ended up working from home today.  Thomas and I both took long naps in the morning (thank you, 3 am wake up!) and avoided him so he could focus, and Kevin and Heidi rode the quad over to our house for lunch.

Afterwards, we broke out our as-yet-unused-but-awesome-Christmas-gift from the Brownrices -- our sleds!  We brought Thomas to the small hillside right by our house.  He wasn't a fan of holding onto the handles or the sled itself, so we 'ground down' a little run for him a few times before he could sled faster on his own.  Auntie Heidi is giving him his push with Jonathan pulling the sled to begin.

Happy as a clam.

It's time to break out my favorite-ever reindeer fleece pants!  Old Navy, you make me happy every winter!  Mags is getting in on the fun too. 

Auntie and Thomas took a ride down the hill together with a big push from Uncle Kevin.

Thomas next to one of the taller trees in the fields next to the house -- Grandma and Grandpa, it would fit perfectly in your living room!

Maggie, soaking up the powdery snow and sunshine.  SHE IS IN HEAVEN.  She would sleep in the snow if we let her. 

I could stare at these trees all. day. long.

The Ski Boys

And finally, know what these are?!?

Coyote tracks! 

There were a ton of tracks all around the crestline, and Jonathan saw a coyote near our front yard this morning.  Food has got to be hard to come by right now in this freeze, so we're tucking the chickens away safely at night and Mags is guarding the house and them.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in two days!!   YEA!!

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Unknown said...

I am so glad you finally got your snow! I remember last winter when we were getting 26" and you were sad that you had none.

On a separate note...I simply must have a pair of fleecy reindeer pants like yours!

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