Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Takes: The Quiet Saturday Edition

Seven snippets of life right now: too long for Facebook, too short for a blog post...
  1. It's quiet right now.
    So much of the last two weeks have felt 'loud'.  It could be that Thomas is exercising his lungs a great deal: if he thinks you're not listening, he yells louder. We've been crazy busy each day.  So right now, I'm loving sitting on the deck, listening to the pouring rain, knowing that Jonathan and Thomas are both sound asleep.  Reading, morning prayers, the laptop and silence all before they get up. And hummingbirds in my purple flowers above.
  2. And Rich Brownrice said, let there be light...
    Yesterday, Rich and Sandy came down to the farm.  Thomas got to soak up Grammy Brownrice time, and Rich taught me the basics of electricity.  We swapped out the three lamps in the kitchen/dining room for new fixtures: bidding adieu to the golden glass & light of the 1980s.  A new pendant light, track lighting, and a halogen light brighten things up so much that I find myself just standing in the kitchen, smiling. Thanks, Rich!  
  3. Please continue to keep Dick McEntee in your prayers.
    He's been moved to hospice, and his family are relishing in these moments with him.  His family needs the support and grace given through prayer now more than ever.  And hug your parents today.  And your kids.  And appreciate the fact that you can.
  4. A timely prayer.
    Shared by Kate McEntee DeWeese, who received it on Thursday via 'prayer of the day email':

    "Almighty God, teach me to cherish the gifts that surround me.
    Increase my faith in You today.
    Keep me and my loved ones from harm, and provide for all our needs. Amen."

  5. Today is Jim Connolly's birthday.
    In just a few short days, we'll be at Relay For Life with everyone who knows and loves him.  We are so incredibly grateful to all those who have supported our team this year -- giving us the chance to help create more birthdays and a world with less cancer through the American Cancer Society.  And today, it's a chance to celebrate Jim's day.  "Go the distance!"  Happy birthday, Jim! 
  6. Heading south today.Jonathan's teaching a CLE for the Washington State Bar Association today.  The Wee Ski and I are heading down with him, running errands during the CLE, and having a 'family date' afterwards.  One of his roommates from college is in a band, and we're going to see them play at an outdoor concert tonight...Jonathan's calling it 'the farewell tour' because Matt's hoping to enter the Carmelites this fall.  So excited to see it!
  7. Jonathan and I had a date night last weekend, and we saw The Karate Kid. 
    I'm not going to lie -- I cried several times.  It was awesome, paralleling the original movie without being a 'sequel'.  Jaden Smith was so so good.  Enjoy the trailer:

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