Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Papa

Dear Papa,

In your first letter to me, you told me that 'family exists wherever I find it'.  In my first year and a half of life, you've shown me that every day.  I've found extended family in the people I've met through Relay For Life, through my awesome aunties at the fire department, through the Brownrices, and friends you and Mommy have had for years.  I really liked learning about funny stories about you from college, like I did last night with Uncle Matt. 

What I learn most of all from you is how to be a good friend.  You are loved by so many people, and it's because of how you love others each and every day.  You love Mommy so much, even when she is a little crazy (does that happen with all women, Papa?) each month and you take really good care of her.

You take me to Mass and you have fun boys' nights out with me.  I love watching the Seahawks with you and I promise never to steal any donuts from Top Pot like the new guy did.  I love being around you because you teach me to stand on my own two feet, but I know you're right there if I need you.

Did you know I get up every morning at 6 so I can see you before you go to work?  Mommy puts me right back down after breakfast with you so I can get the rest of my sleepies.  I love having breakfast and dinner with you every day and playing with you in the mud puddles in the driveway. 

I hope that someday I will be as good of a papa as you are to me.  Then my own little kids will be as lucky as I was.

I love you, Papa.  You're the bestest papa in the whole wide world!!!


PS - I'm really sorry about the #2 on your treadmill.  Mommy learned her lesson about letting me run around without a diaper on.


KCina said...

OMGosh...seriously, #2 on the treadmill? LMAO...Shelley, you guys kill me!!!

Happy Father's Day Jonathan! Thomas is one luckily little Wee Ski!!!

~ Kathy

shelley said...

Apparently, the best response does not involve giggling like mad.

From afar, I couldn't tell if it was the dog or the Wee Ski, when I got closer, I saw two little footprints and knew the culprit. :)

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