Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here, doggy doggy doggy

My absolute favorite thing right now.

When I ask Thomas to get Maggie a bone, this is what happens.
  1. Thomas walks to the pantry and pulls out the jar of bones.
  2. He takes off the top and pulls out a bone.
  3. If he's really excited, he just runs to Maggie with the bone.  Usually, he puts the top back on and then goes to find her.
  4. He reaches out and hands her the bone.  
  5. She takes it super delicately (one of my favorite traits about her).
  6. If she breaks it while eating, he picks up the broken part and hands it to her.
  7. And then he claps for himself.  Is this my kid or what?!?


Unknown said...

Oh I just want to squeeze those cute little cheeks of his! I love that he claps with jazz hands! :-D

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable!! I love how gentle maggie is, too.

What lens did you use?

Kate said...

Maggie looks like a teddy bear :). SO sweet.

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