Friday, December 4, 2009

The Night I Almost Left My Husband

Last night, I shared with Jonathan about my intense hatred of inflatable Christmas decor. A little like hating them "with the fire of 1000 suns". Cannot stand them. Right behind colored Christmas lights.

Little did I know the surprise he had waiting for us for tonight.

After Thomas's bath, I bundled him up in his sleepsack to bring him out to the living room to read our nightly Advent story. I saw a red car hood in the front yard, nearly on the deck, and ran out thinking someone had just hit our house (and if you've been to the farm, you know how unlikely that is).

Lo and behold, Jonathan's offer to "take the garbage out" meant he was blowing up his brand new inflatable Christmas fire truck.

"Thomas, come look!"

It's animated. Santa waves from the driver's seat, and the dog on top rotates. It's crazy ridiculous. And it's ours. And it makes me extremely glad that we live at the end of a long road, with very little traffic that drives by.

Except that we also live on a tree farm. Traffic central for another 2 weeks.

Thomas and Maggie are a little unsure of it -- will probably need to check it out tomorrow in the daylight. As will everyone who is coming out to the farm this weekend for trees. One of our busiest weekends. Nice.

The boys with their inflatable monstrosity:

With my beautiful, twinkling white icicle lights in the background:

My favorite?

Santa waving with his moustache. FAIL.

I suppose I should be happy.

It isn't an inflatable of Grandma getting run over by a reindeer.


John D said...

I think this should be made into a commercial.

Budweiser presents: Real Men of Genius

Mr Giant Inflatable Christmas Ornament Guy

Nothing says Christmas fun like a giant inflatable fire truck from WalMart. Sure, your wife may leave you over this. But at least your baby son can have fun playing with Mr Firefighter's porn mustache.

Mr Giant Inflatable Christmas Ornament Guy, this bud's for you!

shelley said...

I read this to Jonathan in the middle of the night - and I don't think either of us had laughed that hard in a long, long time.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Priceless John!

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