Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Quick Takes • The TGIF Edition

By Friday, I am pretty in love with Quick Takes. Not quite long enough for a post, not quite short enough for Facebook. Just right, as Goldilocks would say.

  1. Dinner was ridiculously good last night, completely unintentionally.
    It came after a "what sounds good?" conversation. Chicken tossed with a slice of brie and raspberry preserves. All toasty and melty and worth every point.
  2. I ♥ Leverage.
    I am also the President and founding member of the Rainier chapter of Christian Kane's fan club. I have loved him since MTV's Love Song. I swear...the perfect gift would be to hunt them down while they are filming in Portland for a self-portrait of him and me. And Jonathan, of course. Well, maybe Jonathan could take it. :)

    I stalk Kung Fu Monkey (from a guy who works on the show) religiously. Here's a little glimpse into my fave summertime show:

    And a little bit of Christian...

  3. Very excited for the weekend ahead.
    The pediatrician with the Wee Ski (which will hopefully give us a green light on something they've been watching), lunch with Stella, the Rainiers game tonight with tailgating beforehand, Fr. Raftis's shindig tomorrow in the Harbor...lots of good stuff with great peeps.
  4. I truly love the Training Task Force for the Great West Division.
    In an exceptionally difficult year for nonprofit fundraising, they have been so adaptable to changes and responsive with great ideas. So humbling to be able to be part of a team that has such a positive attitude in light of major changes. I ♥ them. Every division should be so lucky.
  5. Here's perspective on what really happens when I leave Thomas home with Jonathan for the evening.
    I have everything laid out for them on Wednesday night - ready to go. Dinner, peas for the Wee Ski, the bathtub/towel/fresh diaper, boppy/books/blanket for just before bed, and bottle of pumped milk. I drop Thomas off with a full diaper bag and head north.

    Last night, I learned what really went down.

    Jonathan told me that he "just ignored everything I said".

    Thomas didn't feel like a bath, so Jonathan just put lotion anywhere that Thomas smelled. They hung out, watched a little TV, and he crashed early. Jonathan said the most stressful thing was listening to me tell him he was doing it wrong on the cell phone.

    But Thomas was clothed and sleeping soundly when I got home. Life went on. It's OK to have different ways of doing things. I don't need to be quite so type A.

    Even if we have to chisel the 'smelly parts' off later.
  6. I have been crazy busy with Finian Road over the past few weeks.
    Getting everyone taken care of, and will be updating with lots of sneak peeks - some old, some new! :)
  7. And because I love this photo...this is my sweet little Ace-in-the-hole when putt putt golfing.
    He keeps the pesky hole flag from getting in my way. And yes, I learned that I do putt better left-handed than right-handed.


ViolinMama said...

Love this Shelley!!! You always cheer my day with your honesty, jokes, and your pics!!

KCina said...

I'm sure Tai could track him down for you in Portland...she's been around a lot of the filming!

Have a great weekend!
~ Kathy

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see you, Jonathan and the Wee Ski tonight!

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