Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saying goodbye...for now

Last night, we celebrated Fr. Raftis.

He is such a gift to our family and those around exceptional priest and friend. He has been a significant influence in our family, led the sacramental prep for Jonathan and me as we got married, and is a good friend. And he loves to shoot photos. :)

We've gathered every summer for the last few years to honor him with a big BBQ. Because that's how we roll.

(Check out a few pics from 2007, and a few years back - with Pope Pius XII's zucchetto!)

He's been assigned to a parish in Missoula, Montana and begins in a few weeks.

When he was staying at our house a few weeks ago, his laptop was in its last days and he gave it to a friend to clean out and reformat before he left for Montana. Little did he know what was planned for him in the meantime.

We (the big group of us being his unofficial fan club) surprised him with a little something. Margie did a great little intro of the gift for him..."something he might like a bit better than his laptop."

The folio she handed him had a photo of an iPhone on he was a bit confused at first. He already has an iPhone. :)
...and then he read the inside. It was an iMac.

...a good way to help him keep in touch with all of us.

We will miss you...but can't wait to come visit Montana! :)

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ViolinMama said...

I'm envious of your Church community....the warmth flows from my computer screen.

Much love Shelley. I need to e-mail again soon!

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