Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Countdown to Relay begins...

A year ago today, I turned 30. Jonathan proposed to me at the Relay For Life.

The last year's been filled with change, which I've never been good at, but it's been so worth it. We're Relaying this year in a different event, with a new team, and we're Relaying together. It's the best birthday gift.

We decided to do an almost-month-long countdown to Relay this year, starting on my birthday. To highlight the things we both love about the Relay For Life and reasons why we Relay. You'll find photos (big surprise!), stories, and cool quotes about all things that relate to one of our most favorite events...from now until the event happens on June 27-28!

In the meantime, for this very first post, I want to celebrate my husband, Jonathan...because he does so much for me and our family. This is why I love him:

  1. He is so competitive. And so am I. Let me tell you - it's WAY better being on the same team and merging our competitive spirits for good, rather than evil! :)
  2. His sense of humor
  3. The fact that I received two gifts this weekend - one to celebrate my birthday, and one to celebrate our engage-a-versary. He actually remembered it. :)
  4. How much fun it is to captain a team with him
  5. How he supports me in my passion for curing cancer...because he has the same passion
  6. The songs he sings to me
  7. How he's been working non-stop on our house for the past few weeks - and our team's Rummage For Relay was the best beneficiary!
  8. How well he takes care of me, even (and especially) when I'm grumpy
  9. How he says no to me and stands up to me :)
  10. That he knew the perfect time to propose to a place we both love...where both of our teams won sweet awards!

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Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHELLEY! Hope another wonderful year for you follows! We are blessed to call you a friend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and engage-a-versary to you and Jonathan! Brent and I are so blessed to have the two of you as friends!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Man - I got behind on your blog! Sorry! :-)

Did you know that you and I share a birthday? We're twinkies!

I'm enjoying your Relay countdown, and can't wait to see how the Thurston Relay turns out.

staboush said...

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