Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the proposal

friday night at relay. between the survivor lap and the luminaria at 10 pm...

my parents set up a birthday celebration at center stage on the field at 8:30 pm with dave and dani. before they sang "happy birthday" to me, dad and mom both shared in front of everyone about their super fabulous 30 year old daughter. :)

there were two incredible birthday cakes that were made by survivor kathey benhardus - one with a relay for life logo and one with purple sparkly icing wishing me a happy birthday. they were absolutely beautiful. (and if anyone has any photos, i would love a copy!!)

dani and dave (the relay for life event chairs) gave me the most beautiful pair of flip flops, handmade with 250+ tanzanite (purple) and clear swarovski crystals from jaunty jills. not only my birthstone, but the relay colors as well.

ironically, one of jonathan's teammates also had her birthday on the 1st, so she and i were sent off to do a lap around the track. still hoping for the proposal, i did NOT want to do a lap around the track. then dave called me back to the stage, and jonathan stepped up onto it with me.

{things i didn't know...that morning, jonathan had taken dad out to ask his permission. he'd already gotten my brother's permission and the permission of my "honorary" dad, rich, of brownrice fame. he asked dad last because he knew that mom couldn't keep a secret to save her life. :) }

what i loved about this experience is that i didn't have a camera in my hand - and everyone knew how important pics would be to here is my proposal from jonathan, through everyone else's eyes.

the toothbrush story
(photo by robin)
the night before, we stayed up until midnight with a countdown to my birthday. hoping for a ring, i opened up my midnight present - which jonathan said was 'really special'. and yes, it was. it was a sonicare toothbrush. a sweet gift, but not when you're hoping for an engagement ring! here he is, telling the crowd the toothbrush story...and me still annoyed about it.

dropping to one knee
(photo by kristine)
taken from kristine's spot at the front of the stage...after it all started to register that he was actually asking me to marry him. mark, jonathan's friend, had the ring in his pocket all afternoon, and passed it off to jonathan up to the stage. the best line after i was speechless when he popped the question...
"shelley, this is when you say something."

putting on the ring
(photo by ryan "cheesy" flannery)
everything seemed like a blur, and that's why i love this shot by cheesy. love it.

the hug afterwards
(photo by cindy wolf wolf)
my favorite part of this photo? check out my sister, kristine, in the blue on the right. you really should click on the pic to see her closer! she's one of my best cheerleaders and supports...and I love her for it.

my parents' reaction
(photo by robin)
how i love seeing this shot of them...robin's photos mean so much to us for so many reasons...but because she captured this first reaction of them when it happened, and i get to keep it forever. ♥

debbie duncan's "welcome to the family" hug
(photo by robin)
i am an honorary member of her family...and to see debbie hugging jonathan and letting him know she approves means the world to me.

to everyone who had a hand in this...thank you from the both of us. he means the world to me...and i am difficult to surprise since i am such a nosy pest...and this was perfect...simply perfect!


nanskimtn said...

Wow - that is the best word to sum it up. I love the photos and the story through the photos.... I have chills up my spine thinking how special that experience must have been for everyone around you. Such love, such an incredible spot with family friends and passion all around you. YOU deserve the best and it is so great to see you SO happy!

Unknown said...

All I can think is that you had three of your favorite things combined: your birthday, the Relay and the love of your life. How could June 1, 2007, been any better!?!

And, yes, the pic of cheerleading Kristine is awesome.

I am so freakin' happy for you both.

Anonymous said...

oh Shelley, that is such a great story, it seriously teared me up. it is so great to see you so happy! you deserve the best and i'm so happy for you!

Lemmon said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOOOO!!! WOOOO!!!! (I thought one "wooo" wasn't enough!)

God bless you both! You two are in my prayers!


Unknown said...

Oh, and one more thing ... I love that the pink flamingos are on the stage. So perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wowie! Soo-plies! That's AWESOME! I'm so excited you guys are getting married! What a wonderful moment in Maussville! We wish you guys the best. Post more pics!

Angela said...

I've commented here before. I picked a blog to follow on the day I created my blog back in 2005 and I randomly chose yours :)

I've checked it periodically and am so glad I chose your blog to follow. You seem like such an amazing person and it makes my heart happy that you rec'd such a lovely proposal (on my birthday too!).

So, I know that you don't "know" me, but just wanted to say congrats!!

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