Thursday, May 29, 2008

Of the AA Red Sox and the Sisters

Last night, the sisters (Debbie, Kathie and Cindy) and I met for "calm before the storm" happy hour at Stanfords and night at the Mariners' game. It was my first night out on the town in nearly two weeks -- having felt under the weather for the majority of that time.

Kathie and Cindy are the brains behind our most creative Relay tent sites -- especially our 2006 award winning tent site. That was the year where Relayers stopped by our tent site all night, saying "Your tent site is an event unto itself." Indeed it was. An event comprised of a turkey rotisserie and white light that illuminated tiny runners that circled the tent site - silhouetted - all night long. Powered by forklift batteries.

They always come up with the little touches that make everything come together beautifully.

I surprised Kathie and Cindy with custom Relay black fleeces -- emblazoned with "Special Effects Superstar" on each. They truly are. I can't wait to see AHBL's tent site tomorrow night - rumor has it that the evening is when their tent sparkles the best!!

After dinner at Stanfords, we headed up to Safeco for the Red Sox game...where Debbie had some of the best quotes ever..."I don't know who they are playing...maybe a AA team?"

It was an awesome game -- the M's won 1-0. Rumor has it that Juliet from Lost heard that the sisters would be at Safeco, so she made an appearance as well. Or maybe she was there for the game. Whatever. Details.

Lots happening this weekend...mostly Relay...

The Rummage For Relay
If you're in Thurston County, you need to stop by our Rummage For Relay at the Black Lake Grange. We have an unbelievable amount of stuff that's been donated for the Relay, there will be a BBQ, and all proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. Get directions here.

The Relay For Life of Tacoma
Taking place this weekend in Tacoma. Diana's lighting up the night with her voice during the luminaria ceremony, some fabulously fun events on Friday night...if you're in the area - you should stop by! :)

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