Monday, June 2, 2008

The Countdown to Relay: The Lougheeds

As Debbie and I both Relay on new teams this year (she with Team AHBL in Tacoma and myself with Connolly Tacon & Meserve in Thurston County), one of the things we both worried about with Team Merrill was who the 'next generation' was. Where we would leave off...and who would step in.

We shouldn't have worried. :)

Joan Lougheed and her family rose to the challenge.

Joan and her husband Tim began Relaying in 1994 at the Auburn Relay, when the son of one of her co-worker's passed away from cancer. Over the years, they've Relayed in several events (including Gig Harbor with Brian Marlow, back when he was at Merrill), and finally settled on Team Merrill Lynch in Tacoma, when we formed a team in memory of our colleague John Moller.

2008 was her first year being a fundraiser for Merrill - so she began a contest for her incredibly yummy baked goods. Whoever donated the most online would receive baked goods - one a month - for a year.

Today, she passed $10,000 in funds raised, and is on track to be the top individual fundraiser at this year's Relay in Tacoma.

What do I love about her fam?

Relay's always been a family event. In fact, one of their friends has a small team in Lakewood this year, so Tim, Joan and the girls are joining her this Friday night to walk with her team.

Her daughters, Sarah and Becca, always look forward to Relay and to their time on the track. This year, they wanted to have a larger part in the team, so they pulled their beads together and brought them to Relay. They had all the Merrill kids making necklaces that they sold from the tentsite on the track. When all was said and done, they raised $300 for the team.

And since posts are so much better with photos... :) Here's a look at the Lougheeds over the years...

2004 • Debbie with Becca and Sarah, in our last year at Stadium High School
How little are they?

2005 • The Lougheeds at Relay in 2005, our first year at Mt. Tahoma

2006 • In the stands in 2006, in the "I Run For Life" year

2007 • As Incredi-bull superheroes

2008 • Walking in the all-team lap for Team Merrill, with Stewart between them

And my favorite this year of Becca...check out that grin!, Tim and the girls are a fabulous gift and blessing to the team and to me!

Thank you for all you do in the fight against cancer! ♥

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