Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Countdown to Relay: Sweet things about Thurston

Relay For Life of Thurston County, June 2007

Jonathan and I were raving the other night about the things that we've really loved in the transition to the Thurston Relay...among our favorites:

The Loopholes
One of Thurston's top teams...and they sent us a welcome basket! Nothing like great, friendly competition! :)

Dawn Gadwa
The accounting chair for the event, also captain of Venture Bank's Banking on a Cure. Until working with her, I had no idea that accounting could run so smoothly, and so accurately! We have both been amazed at her attention to detail, and her meticulous accounting of the teams' fundraising. This is one of the best changes so far.

Bobbi Hudston
Thurston's online chair - she's done an amazing job with helping everyone get up to speed online, especially with our new team. Super helpful...and gave me some fabulous advice a few weeks back. But more on that later. :)

We're getting ready for a big Relay push in the next week or so as we head into prime time...we're right around $5000 now, and will be logging our Rummage For Relay in the next few days! Watch out!

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