Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday happies

A little of the things that make me happy right now...

Last Friday was take your daughter/son to work day. I'm lucky because even thought I don't have kids (yet, Mom, yet. Sometime, just not yet), I have a bunch of kids who I adore that I can borrow. :)

Meet the three stooges, avid Relayers of course. I'm sure you're terribly impressed by their best "ugly" faces. I would be, especially if I was their mom or grandma!

Becca and Sarah learned effective use of the copy machine.

Going back through some photo files, I am counting the number of times it's snowed on the farm in the past month. Six. Six times. That's more than I probably have had in the entire time I lived in the north end. These are the rare snowy times that stands out in my memory:
I am all about spring now. Heading to Reno tomorrow - where it should be near 80 degrees. Hoping to catch at least a few minutes of sunshine outside!!

And celebrating my new itty bitty Canon that fits in my pocket...check out my new 'do. New cut, new color.

Reminds me a bit of this photo, taken last year in Feb 2007...

It should be noted that the shades I am wearing above are now the third edition. :)


kilipohi said...

love the hair, but also love the fact that I can tell by the reflection in your glasses that you are driving and not paying attention to the road, but taking a pic. OH My!

shelley said...

Sorry...always paying attention to the road! :) All you have to do it hold the camera in front of you and click the button...not really needed to take your eyes off! :)

Nancy E said...

You must teach your self portrait method! Or at least share it with me - - thank God Steve has long arms! He is a pro! LOVE the glasses - do tell - are they Ray Ban? Before it was in fashion, you are always the diva - leopard fur lining on the coat too - I am SO impressed!

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