Monday, April 21, 2008

Going Green

Since tomorrow's Earth Day...thought I'd post the little joy I found over the tree field this afternoon. Hard to believe that it's just two days after the blizzard that swirled over the weekend (see below).

I calculated our carbon footprint a while back...and with all the Christmas trees, our footprint is so negative that we could drive a grip of Hummers and still come out ahead. We won't (given the price of gas and the crazy amount of miles I drive now each week), but it's still good to know we could. :)

Did you know that the trees just on our part of the farm generate enough oxygen for more than 1000 people each day?

At its most basic, going green is good. Being good stewards of the gift of the gift we've been given from God. It makes sense. It makes cents.

On the other hand, the whole green notion is something that drives me nuts at times - when it becomes one of the 'trendy' things to do. When the importance of it is portrayed out of with this piece on The Green Pope from Newsweek. The Vatican has taken significant steps over the last year to decrease their impact on the environment - including being carbon-neutral thanks to their changes and a donation of trees in a Hungarian national park. Near the end of the article, it does speak of Benedict's focus on the value of life - but then reminds us that the Pope will not back things like "reducing the human population".

That's where it starts to drive me nuts. When what's important is thrown out of perspective - where the land becomes king and the King of all is forgotten. When life takes a backseat to the land.

That said, Jonathan and I have made strides toward better green choices...
  • More than half of the light bulbs in our house are now fluorescent bulbs. Not the fluorescent like the neon pants I favored in junior high. These are actually nearly as bright, but not quite so incredibly ugly.
  • To save on fuel, reducing my speed to less than 70 mph (not that I ever actually drove that fast - that's against the law!). My last fill up had me at 28 MPG for the first time - ever.
  • Doc and I are carpooling a few days a month now - he has to suffer through o'dark hundred departures. :) It only adds about 15 minutes roundtrip to my drive, but gets rid of a day of commuting for him in the 4runner.
  • We're paring down on "stuff". Trying - to the best of our abilities - to live with less and not fill our lives with things. The FlyLady has been a big help.
  • For Finian Road, most of my contracts and paperwork are e-docs and can be emailed/downloaded.
Jonathan probably has some he can add.

Until then, I leave you with an example of global warming here in Rainier from two days ago (April 19th):


Elizabeth Ann said...

The cause of this funky weather is not global warming, but actually la nina.

NOT to be confused with an upper level low.

I am SO ready for SPRING!

shelley said...

Hmmm...evidently my sarcasm isn't clear via blogging.

I was definitely NOT saying that global warming was causing the snow.

I was questioning its existence.


Elizabeth Ann said...

Yes, I realized that.

I just thought I would actually attempt to explain the snow.

That would be my sarcasm right back at you. I guess that was lost in blog land too... hence the upper level low.

Oh, never mind.

I think I just need shelley time. :)

shelley said...

that's probably the answer! :)

perchance today...

Jonathan said...

You guys are both weird. I mean seriously, who carries on conversations in the comments section of a blog at 5:00 in the morning. Some people...

Carrie said...

Hey there, I'm new to your blog. I can't believe you had snow just a few days ago! Great pics.
Love your blog, I'll be back again!
God bless :)

Elizabeth Ann said...

Like any of this is surprising to you Jonathan?

foxmulder said...

Does Carol Moss know about this?

Anonymous said...

Soooo true Shelley. You and I totally think alike about the whole global warming thing. Yes, it's good to be eco-concious and do what we can to be energy efficient and reduce waste and simplify life, but it can definitely be taken too far. And I totally caught your sarcasm and laughed at your snow pic. :-D


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