Thursday, January 11, 2007

scenes from snowlocked tacoma

the view from the lunchroom...18th floor in the wells fargo plaza. soft, dry snow that blew from the tops of the buildings all day.

a street, in downtown. 6:30 in the morning. absolutely quiet and peaceful.

viper and one of our neighbor dogs...

viper, on a tear when she thought i was leaving without her. ;)

paige, in the sweet scarf her mom knitted for her. here's hoping liz will teach me how to make these. they are unbelievably cool. the snow reflected everything - all kinds of catchlights and colors in their eyes. with the kids, i tested out my new lens (affectionately titled "the beast" as it's bigger than my dog). for those on paiger's pic below!
and finally, a shot of rich as he's finishing up shoveling the sidewalk along our street. if you want to know how really cool he should read what i said about him a few weeks back in the news tribune...

he'll love this: click on his backside, and you can read the article!! :)


L Sass said...

Wow. How is the driving?

One time in college (at UPS), it snowed about a 1/4 inch and my Kent-born-and-raised roommate forced me (a Minnesota native) to drive her around.

shelley said...

ahh...the driving.

i wouldn't know - my papa (born and bred in iowa) picks me up every morning for work!

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