Wednesday, January 10, 2007

frosty goodness

snow this morning, and coldness all day. praying for now snow tonight. just wanted a bit of normalcy to our wacky weather patterns of late. no moisture all day - until the drive home, when it started snowing. small little snowballs from the sky. perfect dry snow.

it's heavenly.

peaceful and calm. unless austin is making a snowmummy out of his sister. brownrices don't make snowmen. they make snowmummies. and there is little peace and calmness in that.

a few of my favorite frosty images...

viper, terribly unhappy that she is only wearing a polo shirt AND being forced out into the snow. as a point of reference, the top of the green can now has 4" of snow on it. can't tell viper ever stood there.

the little snowballs stick all over you. note the curly post-swim class hair coupled with the snowy balls on the 2006 holiday vest.

the brownrices in action. paige was covered in snow. viper kept her warm with big wet doggy kisses.

and the peaceful image of headlights and taillights on the street near my house. i'll overlook the 4x4 wearing chains. idiots.

we're at four inches and counting. and we're going to go cozy up by the windows with peppermint (schnappy) hot cocoa and watch the snow fall.
frosty goodnights to you!! ♥

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Anonymous said...

All you people and your snow. I'm in CHICAGO. LAND OF SNOW. And do we have any? No. What do we have instead? Rain. Rain! Because it's too warm to turn it into those magical fluffy flakes.

It's the end of the world. And that makes me sad.

But hey, enjoy!

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