Tuesday, January 9, 2007

it's live!

shelley mauss photography

a few fun facts about the new site:

the half-face self-portrait on my "about" section, also found on the blog...
just shows that you can take a fabulous photo anywhere. that particular photo was taken inside a honeybucket (port-a-pottie for you canadians!) on the fourth of july. if people only knew!

there's some sweet new features
a current calendar, a section on 'the deets', and and a rotating 'jukebox' to avoid any one song lulling you to sleep.

i did have to take down the slideshows in order to complete the transfer, but i will upload them again once the transfer's all complete. if you really really want me to get your show back up earlier, just send me an email!


kat said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the site! I am a bit biased and totally flattered/honored that you used some of our photos! I can only hope I make it in the "tying the knot" section in a few months! Love you!

L Sass said...

The website is beautiful!!

shelley said...

thanks! :)

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