Friday, April 25, 2008

Live from Reno...'s Friday night!

Had an awesome day of training today with the Training Task Force, the Cancer Resource Network and Advocacy peeps...and just got back from the Relay at the University of Nevada. Thanks to the fabulous GPS skills of LaMarco and Season, we road tripped it out there and spent a few hours down at the event. I love how you can show up at any Relay - and recognize the spirit as soon as you walk onto the track. Can't wait to share the pics from my little point & shoot...they're hysterical.

The theme for the Summit this fall is so creative - incorporating the new Relay@25 theme that's starting to appear across the nation. It amazes me that Relay's 20th anniversary was nearly five years ago...and it's been nearly three years since I finished chairing.

But now, it's time to crash. We start tomorrow morning at least I get to sleep in from normal! :)

**Edited to add**
The earthquake woke me up last night. Thankfully, we were in the 3 story hotel across the street from Grand Sierra where we're normally 20 floors up. There have been hundreds of earthquakes over the past few days...but nothing too big.


Anonymous said...

it's crazy to read a blog entry about something I was just at after hanging out with you all night...pretty cool! Thanks for chatting with me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know you better and I'm looking forward to staying in touch moving forward. :-)


Jonathan said...

It's also crazy to read a blog entry that was just posted, and then read a comment from the "cool person" I just heard about on the phone. Nice to meet you Michelle :)

Maureen said...

it's also crazy to read a blog entry on something I was just about to call you on. Glad you're okay from the earthquake. Have fun in Reno!

Anonymous said...

lol...this comment string is funny! :-)

It's nice to "meet" you too jonathan...Shelley can't say enough nice things about you. It was really fun to talk this weekend about husbands and family and plans and all that good stuff. I'm just glad we weren't on the 20th floor during the least now we have a fun story from Reno!

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