Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Waking up to this... pure heaven.

Cool mornings, beautiful sunlight, warm afternoons...lots of playtime with the Wee Skis before my last flying weekend of the year coming up for the American Cancer Society.  After this weekend, all of the Relay Summits, retreats and planning will be within driving distance...yea! 

Fall is always crazy busy -- our next quiet Ski weekend falls on November 17th -- which is earmarked for finding our Christmas tree and putting it up.  Better to do that at 36 weeks than 38 weeks pregnant, says this type-A mommy!!  Jonathan may not feel the same way...but something tells me he's excited to go tree hunting with a new chainsaw and the boys.  :)

At the same time, fall is filled with the things we love most -- family, activities at church, Relay For Life, getting ready for tree season and now school activities with Thomas's preschool. 

Jonathan and I have a weekend getaway/babymoon planned for October -- with a huge thanks to my parents who will have the boys for 4 days straight!  They may need their own getaway when it's all done!  :)

I just keep reminding myself that we have the last few weeks of December and ALL of January for quiet and the midst of 3 little boys under 4 years old. 

It's with a sunrise like this, hot cocoa in hand, and my pregnant hobbit feet up on the ottoman on the deck...that I feel incredibly blessed for my husband and my boys. 

Even if one of those boys is making my feet rival Samwise Gamgee's.  :)

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