Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh no, not in my new hat!

I am so glad that last week is OVER.


It was my last week of Relay travel w/flying...two weekends in a row, and this one with four breakouts and a keynote to 1300 Relayers, which I was super pumped to give because it was based on Brian's final challenge from the National Summit in July. 

And then Thomas didn't want to get out of bed on Wednesday morning.

Usually, my morning annoying song to get the boys up, "Good morning, my Thomas, my sweet little stinky Thomas!" works by the third or fourth round...but then Thomas stayed asleep. He had a temperature of 100°, so I kept him home knowing that I was leaving the following day and wanted him to be well enough to stay around other kids.

HE TOOK FIVE NAPS THAT DAY.   We washed a lot of blankets and towels and clothes after he got sick all over me and him...but seriously, he is such a good, sick little boy.  Sweet and kind and not all that whiny.  Way less whiny than I would be!

Jonathan was up at the Palisades for the first three day intensive for the Tribunal Advocate training for the Archdiocese, and since it's a training usually offered just one a year, he was free from the sickies on the farm.

Thomas's fever rose to 103° and finally broke later in the day.  We missed preschool, Mass, a doctor's appointment (for 3.0) and a meeting.  We just hunkered down at home.  When I put him to bed, it was around 99°.  I finished packing for Nashville, packed up the car with my stuff and the boys' stuff, and climbed into bed.  At one in the morning, a little tiny voice said, "I don't feel good, Mommy."  His body was roasting and his fever had risen to 104°. We immediately moved him into cool water in the tub.

By two a.m., when it was showing no signs of slowing down, I decided to cancel my trip to the Mid-South Summit, and got on the ball to cancel my flight leaving 7 hours later.  Mid-South was amazingly supportive and took care of the details and five hours later...the Wee Skis and I found ourselves walking into the pediatrician to get checked out.  

Long story short -- after some crazy weird questions which make sense now -- Dr. Lindgren sent him for bloodwork to rule out E. Coli.  His rapid temp rising, the fact that he is rarely sick, our demographics of living on the farm and that the fever wasn't breaking meant that Thomas was fighting something.  Dr. L's fear, with a one-year-old and a pregnant mommy, was that our immune systems weren't as strong and we needed to be on the safe side to protect all of us.  

So we packed up the boys and headed over to the lab.  Thomas was very brave with his blood being drawn, given that he was exhausted.  What did thrill him was his new hat (read: toilet hat for collecting #1 and #2) and he wanted to wear it for the rest of the day.  Owning a new hat meant he also had no desire to do #1 or #2 in it, because then he couldn't wear it. 

Trying to negotiate with a sick preschooler is a little like dealing with a tiny terrorist. 

There was no way he was going to do his business.

Auntie Stella came down to give me some reprieve (which was so incredibly helpful!!) on Friday.  We loaded up Thomas with juice, fruit leathers, and Netflix on the iPad, and left him for 84 minutes on the potty.  After 30 hours since we began waiting for samples, we finally got both samples. Cheering ensued and five minutes later, we were on the road to the lab. 

The best news came later in the day when E. Coli was ruled out.  There were some abnormalities in some of the tests which haven't been explained yet, but should be when the final tests are finished this week. 

When Jonathan got home late Friday afternoon, there was nothing more exciting than a hot shower and early to bed.  It was so good to sleep more than 3 hours at a time. 

We took everything slowly over the weekend, giving both boys lots of time for naps and cuddling.  We stayed close to home and only left for Mass on Sunday morning.  We had some of the first home cooked meals in a while -- steaks, baked sweet potatoes, and fresh peach scones. 

We were able to sell our Seahawks tickets for tonight's Monday Night Football -- because none of us were up to it after that weekend.  We will be cozy on the sofa with the boys, watching the game from inside.  :)

Feeling incredibly blessed by my Nationwide Leadership Training Team family, who called early Saturday morning to check in and let me know that everything was covered and not to worry.  So love those I Relay with!  And also feeling very blessed right now for a child who is starting to run around again, a smaller child who didn't catch anything (YEA!!) and a healthy 3.0 who is finally making his way to the doc this afternoon.

Life may be messy sometimes, but it is good.  

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