Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Indian Summers...

...the late summers in the Northwest are usually amazing. Sunshine, warmth, the last of the longer days before things start getting dark quickly.

It's been an awesome bounty time -- fresh tomatoes growing on the deck, all kinds of herbs from my crazy successful herb garden this year (sage, rosemary, basil, dill, and chives), lots of peach smoothies, fresh peach ice cream, fresh blackberry ice cream, a tasty combo of the two, 14 quarts of peaches canned for the winter...and still to come, peach fruit leather, peaches to freeze (for scones and fresh ice cream in the winter), and the crop of blackberries is just starting to hit its stride.

My sweet sous chef, Thomas, LOVES helping outside.  He counts the berries, picks his favorites, provides a running commentary on his speculation of all the "bunny homes" in the bushes, and is my taskmaster for John Paul, who is a little more "relaxed" in his approach to berry picking. 

Go figure -- the difference in being 3 years old versus a year old. 

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook:
"Unfortunately, the Wee Ski 2.0 was fired from his blackberry picking gig when it was discovered that his consumption far outpaced his production. You could say he was caught "berry handed". And cheeked. And berry-chinned."

It was no joke -- this kid was SERIOUS in his quest for blackberries.  He started picking them off the vines, but realized that it was MUCH easier to just pick them right out of the colander we were filling.  Thomas was horrified that John Paul was cheating..."Mommy!  STOP HIM!  He's eating all the ice cream berries! STOP HIM NOW!  John Paul, you're on the wall!  STOP TOUCHING THEM!"

But he was just happy to play and run and eat and chase bunnies.  That is the life.

When he finally got cut off.   Check out that double chin.  And his sweet little currently-outtie belly button.

But it's nearly impossible not to forgive this little one, you know?!?

And another praise of the balance bike -- this was Thomas's focused face as he yelled, "See you later, Mommy!  I have to go do errands, I'll be back soon!"  He rounded that corner and headed right down the driveway. 

Methinks there might be a bike with pedals in his future for his 4th birthday in January!


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