Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life right now.

This photo, taken from naptime on the boys' webcam, pretty much sums up life right now.

Just when we thought we were getting back on track, the sickies reared their ugly heads again.  Thomas hasn't been to preschool in more than a week, John Paul's got the same sickies now, and I'm feeling the effects as well.  Until last night, I hadn't left the house for anything other than a quick grocery store run or doctor's appointment in more than a week. 

The last two nights have been particularly brutal - Jonathan and I have had to divide and conquer with fevers and vomiting from the boys.  Tuesday night, he slept in the boys' room w/John Paul, and Thomas slept in our room with me.  Last night, John Paul stayed with me and Thomas slept with Jonathan in the living room on the recliners, so Thomas could stay upright and let his sinuses drain and reduce his coughing. 

It's been a year and a half since the sickies have hit this bad -- ironically, also when I nearing the end of a pregnancy.  

It's not pretty.  Sleep is found an hour or two at a time right now, and the faint scent of bleach is now permeating everywhere I go. Bleach is my friend and I love it.  The washer and dryer have been running nonstop to keep towels, sheets and blankets clean. 

If I owe you a call or an email, have patience with me.  We're pretty much in "survival mode" with the pregnancy right now...which will hopefully be "recovery mode" sooner rather than later. 

And if you have any brilliant words of advice, I'm all ears.  :)

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KCina said...

Hang in there you guys!! I'm sorry you are having to deal with round two, but glad you are such a great team that you can take turns with the boys!!!

Sending lots of healing thoughts & prayers!

~ Kathy, Victor & Charlie

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