Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Checking in...

It's been a heck of a fall so far!!  Thankfully, Thomas has finally come out of the worst of the sickies (12 days with a 102° temp!) and is back to his 10,203,089,378 per day word limit and eating up a storm.  Yesterday, he woke up early around 5:30 am and came out to me in the kitchen.  He was thrilled to find lots of food being prepared for Jonathan's poker night, and asked, "Mommy, do you know that the boys LOVE breadsticks?  Because we do.  Do you know that?"

He ended the evening, curled up next to me, saying, "Mommy, do you think I talk too much?"

It was surreal to see him day after day fall asleep wherever he was at.  The sofa, the car, the bathroom, the floor in the living room.  It was a very tough virus that thankfully, wasn't e. coli. 5 naps a day for a little boy who doesn't like napping anymore. 

Over the last weekend in September, I was facilitating a planning retreat for the Grays Harbor Relay For Life, so we had planned a night out at Ocean Shores afterwards.  When the day finally came and the boys were sick, Jonathan and I decided to go ahead anyway...for a change of pace.  As luck would have it, that Saturday was the last day that Thomas's temp was over 102°.

I got kicked out of the bed when the Wee Skis decided to make their own arrangement and take up the whole thing. 

Thomas loved the shark out front, and we had a good little "Skis as a Fam of Four Getaway". 

The glorious day came when Thomas headed back to school after being gone for 2 weeks...that same morning, John Paul climbed into the tub in his pajamas.  Both boys thought it was the funnest bath ever.

And my sweet boys at Ocean Shores...

It's been incredibly busy since then -- very little downtime and the clock is definitely ticking to 3.0's arrival!  The mantra right now -- one day at a time.

And lots of snuggle time with all of the Skis.  

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KCina said...

Glad EVERYBODY is feeling better again!! So hard when they are so under the weather....Love the "mommy do you think I talk too much"... :)

Had to chuckle on Friday when one of the newer CRMs from the Eugene office asked if you'd be at Summit again in November...I had to break the news that V 3.0 was due in mid-November and you wouldn't be coming to inspire us this year...maybe next?

Take care you four, soon to be five!!!

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