Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook: The Summer Edition

A slice of life right now...

  • Outside My Window... Thomas is riding his bike on the deck, whizzing past the open door, yelling "Whoo hooo! Here I come, Farmer Pickles!"
  • I am thinking... That today is the perfect day for rest. It's been a crazy busy two weeks -- four photo shoots, several deadlines for design projects, beautiful sunshine with the boys, and this is one of my first full days at home since I got back from the National Leadership Summit for Relay For Life in Nashville.  I was up early, finished a bunch of projects before the boys got up, and took my first nap at 7 am. It was awesome.
  • I am thankful for...  The popsicle mold above. This is the Wee Skis favorite summer item right now -- filled with whatever we have. Right now, it's white cranberry & peach popsicles.  This week, they have had margarita (thanks, Crystal Light Mocktails), white grape, and peach smoothie popsicles.  They're a little annoying to get out of the mold, but the handle is hollow, and it holds the juice as it melts (perfect for the one-year-old who takes forever to eat a popsicle). 
  • From the kitchen... So good to be home. We've fired up the BBQ a few times -- sirloin burgers, grilled asparagus, and we've had some deliciousness from the kitchen: sweet potatoes with sage & pancetta, fresh peach ice cream, blueberry cobbler, banana delight, and lots of peach smoothies.
  • I am wearing... A nursing top and pajama pants. This is when living in the middle of nowhere really pays off.
  • I am creating... A to-do list for later today. This is the first time I've been on the computer all day. So love technology-free mornings!
  • I am going... to walk to the mailbox with the boys. Maybe go for a bike ride. Most definitely take another nap.
  • I am reading... The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping With Kids.  So many of my favorite memories as a child come from camping trips and adventures down the Oregon Coast and up to Canada. Relay For Life has given us some easy overnight camping adventures and the boys have loved it.  Excited for a weekend away with them. 
  • I am hoping... that I get a burst of energy today.  It still hasn't happened. But the Wee Ski 3.0 is almost 20 weeks along and growing like a little weed.
  • I am hearing... Thomas blowing his train whistle. John Paul trying to do the same without a whistle. They are both running to the water table in the front yard and there's a good deal of squealing.
  • Around the house... Signs of my sweet Thomas everywhere. He is such a thoughtful little boy...on Monday, I woke up from a nap on the couch, and found a new bowl of trail mix on the table next to me. "Are you hungry, Mommy? I brought you some food. You can feed the baby, I he's hungry."  Next to me now? A little bouquet of dandelions, "Do you like your beautiful flowers, Mommy? I picked them for you!"
  • One of my favorite things... An awesome train set from my little (now big) cousin Brandon. Thomas and John Paul have been putting it together, playing trains, and taking it apart over and over since they got it. 
  • A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... A BBQ tomorrow night on Lost Lake, Touch-a-Truck this weekend in Olympia, and two shoots on Sunday.  Oh, and a nap in a few.
    For all of us. :)

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{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhh.... :-) I don't know how you do it all... you MUST be pooped. Glad you're planning rest. Wish we'd been able to buzz by and give 'ya a hug at Kandle Park...


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