Monday, August 22, 2011

Quick Takes: The We Made It To Monday Edition

Seven snippets of life, in no particular order. Too long for Facebook, too short for their own blog post.
  1. Love this image of John Paul.
    He is grinning all the time.  Thomas's current phrase about him?  "Cute baby.  He's so cute, Mommy."
  2. Finally had a good night of sleep.
    It had been more than a week since I had slept well.  Friday night had me up six separate times: three for each boy.  Yesterday, we woke up to all 3 Ski boys feeling snuffly.  John Paul and Thomas were at the end of not feeling well, Jonathan at the beginning.  But thankfully, after a very long morning, Jonathan let me sleep for three whole hours, uninterrupted. It was heavenly.  We both slept much better last night.
  3. I've survived one week without any diet soda.
    This is actually a pretty incredible feat for me.  It's also been one week since I've had any fast food.  The initial withdrawal from caffeine was pretty intense, but it's been much better since then.  
  4. I started reading Eat To Live in Arizona. 
    After watching Dr. Fuhrman on PBS and listening to Linda's research talk on weight and nutrition and exercise and cancer, I had never been more convicted (see above).  I downloaded the book to my Kindle and Jonathan borrowed it to his Kindle reader on his iPhone.  An awesome read, and makes so much sense.  Together, we lost ten pounds last week as we began adjusting our lifestyle.  More on that later.  
  5. We've had tasty delicious popsicles in the heat.
    Fresh watermelon popsicles, peach popsicles, plum popsicles and orange popcicles.  Thanks to the VitaMix, they've all been fresh fruit popsicles.  Thomas is in heaven.  I'm in heaven as long as he eats them outside.  
  6. Loving vegetables this summer.
    Last year in cooking school, I took an entire class on tomatoes.  It was awesome.  I picked up some ripe heirloom tomatoes, and sprinkled just a hint of salt on the slices.  Heavenly.  Raw and juicy and tasty delicious.  
  7. Excited to get back into our routine today. 
    Realizing that travel really messes with everyone's internal schedules.  Looking forward to a low key week and the second annual Rosski Family Campout next weekend!

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He is too cute!

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