Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reason #28493582

...that Thomas likes it when I leave town!

He gets to ride a camel with BearBearMom!

You can tell what he did when I was gone based on what he prays for now at night.

"BearBearMom.  AndyGina.  (the dogs)  The boat.  BearBear.  Fishies.  My fishing pole.  And Papa."

We've definitely had an adjustment week as I got home.  John Paul or I picked up something on the flight home, so we've each had a cough & mini-cold.  Thomas's hit early yesterday morning, with him walking into our bedroom around 3 am, "Mommy, I'm snuffy."  If he is anything, he is an incredibly adorable sick kid.

Last night he was up 3 separate times -- more water, a new washcloth, and to leave the door open.  He's sleeping now (as are the other two Skis), so I'm praying that they'll all be asleep for several hours.  We have a long overdue day ahead of family fun time.  Yea for beautiful, sunny & warm northwest summer weekends!

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