Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

And today...the first photo of me for the Week in the Life project!

Today's images are downloaded, sorted and renamed.  Today was a frustrating day (gotta keep it real, now!)...from a two hour oil change (with a scheduled appointment, no less, and a service associate who is clearly single without kids), getting rained on with both boys while on a walk to keep Wee Ski 1.0 from terrorizing the dealership, John Paul's teething, and finding a mountain of to-dos that seem to multiply like wet gremlins. 

I found myself prioritizing and re-prioritizing today.

There were definitely highlights -- Thomas still being a joy after two hours at the dealership, Thomas's pure joy at a hot dog + coke + smoothie after Costco, playing outside when we got home, and finding his way to my office after his bedtime for 'just one more sip of water'. 

A few moments from today:

Before walking out for the mail.  John Paul was not happy to be done with lunch.

Thomas's very meticulous way of closing the mailbox.  And he ALWAYS lifts the flag, mail inside or not.

Our beautiful "wild grasses".  :)  It's all in an effort to keep a sustainable yard.  Of course.

Turkey cheddar burgers with tasty delicious homemade garlic buns.  Guess whose burger this was?  A hint? It's a very small bite taken out.

Don't fool yourself -- this sweet handholding led to pinches from 1.0 to 2.0.  He may be out of the running for Big Brother of the Week.

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