Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life: Monday

I've been looking forward to this year's Week in the Life ever since John Paul was born. Looking back to when Thomas was wee, it's making me realize just how quickly time passes. I adore having Thomas's first month book to look through, especially with all of the details -- most of which I've now forgotten.  I would love to have a book of our ordinary life right now, with Thomas as the Little and John Paul as the Wee. 

To help this project succeed, I decided to follow Ali's advice and shoot/journal this week, and start scrapping next week. If I tried to do it all in this week, the chances of finishing the book (well) would be slim since it's a crazy busy week.

In addition, I printed out the PDFs to jot down journaling throughout the day.  I also picked up the 12x12 layered set to scrap these up next week. 

Every night, I'm downloading my cards and sorting the images.  Picking out the ones I love, copying them into a new folder and renaming them w/the time the image was taken (just to make it easy later).  Each morning, I'll pull a few of my favorites from the day and blog them, but save the majority for the upcoming weeks when I scrap them.   I love realizing little things right now:
  • I need to shoot myself more.
  • Thomas is mimicking everything that Jonathan does.  Everything.  Some of my most heartwarming images are of Thomas doing his 'best Jonathan' -- reading the mail next to him at the kitchen counter after dinner, reading books on the sofa before bedtime, and reading a golfing magazine while using the bathroom.  
  • Having my camera out has helped capture little things as they happen throughout the day.
  • I love our family's relationship with meals...and can't wait to document what we're preparing and eating right now.   I think I'll add in some recipes and images as well, since our tastes change over time.
These were my favorites from Monday.

Early morning when Thomas realized that baby John Paul was home from Florida and awake.  JP2 is happy about the hug so far.

But not so much anymore.  :)

Thomas was so proud of helping me with the plants outside this morning, until I realized he had helped one of the entire dill plants right out of the pot and into the house.  We replanted and watered together.

Can't wait for the rest of the week!

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