Monday, August 1, 2011

The Week in the Life

Serious joy.  Like fireworks exploding happy joy.

I captured 7 days worth of our life - some behind the lens, some written.  The images are all sorted, categorized and ready to go...the words are in my handwritten notes and on Facebook.

The last few days have been intense -- working on a dozen projects for the fall training season for Relay For Life due in the next two weeks, planning a ministry fair for our parish, two Finian Road shoots in beautiful summer weather + finishing up editing last month's shoots, having awesome family time (at the Rainiers for fireworks night, with Kevin + Heidi, and with the Rosses), and celebrating John Paul's baptism yesterday and hosting a brunch afterwards.

At times, I wish we could duplicate ourselves so we wouldn't ever have to miss anything.  But that would be an incredible amount of laundry and I'm not willing to make that commitment.  :)

I'm so glad to have a week frozen in time right when things calm a bit, I can pull together the scrapbook of our week for A Week in the Life.  I love looking back on blog posts from Thomas's early days, and having a book in hand with those days for John Paul would be so much fun a year from now...five years...ten years.  

Today was quiet.  I worked every moment that the boys slept, and have been checking stuff off the to-do list like mad.  I am so blessed that both boys are incredible nappers, and love to sleep. As long as we stick to our bed/naptime routines, it doesn't matter when the naps happen...because they go down like clockwork.

When Thomas was up, we played soccer in the yard, hosed lots of things down, and had some downtime together.  Monday mornings are usually 'recovery mornings' from the weekend: cleaning the kitchen, a few loads of laundry, getting the boys back on a nap schedule, and finding order again.  I used to dread Mondays, and now they're one of my favorite days.  Funny how things change over time.

Tonight, I had a stash of pecans that I wanted to use we had pecan-crusted mahi mahi and carrot rice (with pecans instead of peanuts).  Both were new recipes, and were incredibly delish. 

Looking forward to a week of early mornings to continue finishing up I'm heading to bed now.  Sweet dreams!

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