Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Four weeks old.

To add into John Paul's first scrapbook.

Yesterday, Maureen gave us a great gift and had a special date with Thomas. They went on walks, played, and she gave him lots of one-on-one time as Jonathan and I snuck away for a date afternoon. Our 'third wheel' was a great sleeper as we enjoyed an awesome lunch sans toddler.

And when we got home, Maureen took this image of the four of us which I just LOVE.  It's life right now. And with me with no gray hair.  That part is AWESOME, just in time for my birthday!

The second page was later in the day, with both Wee Skis sound asleep on their papa.  He is the baby whisperer, because neither will sleep on me like that. 

The digi specs:

1 comment:

Maureen said...

What can I say...I'm just amazing. :) Anytime you need it again give me a holler.

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