Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On the occasion of my 34th birthday

Happy milestone days just scream to be scrapped.  Especially while emotions are fresh and real.

Today, I turn 34 years old. 

And as my Facebook status update says right now:
34 years ago, I was born.
On my 30th birthday, my now-husband proposed at the Relay For Life.
On my 34th birthday, he told me that he found my birthmother. I can now tell her "thanks" for giving me the gift of life. ♥ ♥
Jonathan Sprouffske, I never thought you could top my 30th birthday...but you did!
I love you so much!
Adding this page to the "2011 Ski Album", of which I have done no other pages for this year.  And I am totally OK with that.  :)

The digi-specs of the page:
  • TEMPLATE  |  10 Things I Love About My Life from Cathy Zielske.  I am definitely channeling my inner Cathy Z right now.  Loving uniformity and order and clean white space.
  • FONT  |  Avenir Book + Avenir Heavy
  • BASE COLORS  |  Sampled from my shirt (the dark blue and light blue). Gradient to the center of the page.


KCina said...

Just makes me smile! :)

So HAPPY for all of you!!!

Hummus Cookbooks said...

Thoughtful blog thanks for sharing

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