Sunday, May 29, 2011

A few of my favorite things

  • The colors in the latest edition of love stamps
    I picked up a stash of these for John Paul's birth announcements and I love them. Will probably scrap a few pages for this year's family album in this color scheme.  Especially love the orange + turquoise together.
  • "Oh, farts!"
    I have no idea where Thomas picked up this phrase, because we don't use the word "fart" -- we use "toot".  But on the way to Mass this morning, every sentence he said or answer we gave him was punctuated with an emphatic, "Oh farts!" from him.  "Will we see BearBearMom?"  "Not until later, Thomas."  "Oh, farts!"
  • Our new diaper sprayer.
    This weekend, most of our house projects have been a pain.  Meaning: we wanted to finally install the curtains in the bedroom, only to find that no Lowes has all the rods we need.  No Lowes had any of the bathroom towel racks I wanted, or the filter for our fridge.  And yes, when I went to install the new diaper sprayer in my bathroom, I broke the copper wiring clean off the toilet AFTER said trip to Lowes.  (Uncle Jerry will probably be getting me the book "Plumbing" to go with the book "Wiring" that he got me for Christmas.)  They installed new tubing to the toilet and the diaper sprayer is now installed...and it's heavenly.  A little cold for personal use, but perfect for rinsing the cloth diapers clean before dropping them in the dry bag.   I just pray that Uncle Jerry's premonition never comes true, and Thomas doesn't figure out that we have a Wee Ski-sized spray gun on the toilet now.  :)
  • FuzziBunz.
    I was waiting to start moving John Paul into the cloth diapers, but after sizing down the one-size diapers to absolutely tiny, they fit him.  I hate seeing the mesh from disposables be attached to his tiny little bum after a messy diaper.  The microfleece is so much nicer to his bottom. He's happy, so we're all happy.  And the extra laundry really isn't that bad.  I still need to pick up an extra half dozen or so for him, because he's going through diapers at a much faster pace than his big brother right now.  Thankfully, that should slow down shortly. 
  • Trixie Tracker.
    A sweet online spot to track nursing times + diapers.  I realize what an incredible nerd I am, but this is awesome.  I only wish I had found it before John Paul was born -- because it's so handy and easy to use on my BlackBerry.  Super easy to track how long he nurses, and I already realized that he favors one side.  Really helpful to know how many diapers to expect each day as well. 
  • A low key weekend.
    We have needed one.  We're starting to find the groove with both boys, and we headed back to daily Mass this past week with Wee Ski 1.0 and 2.0 in tow.  Grateful for more sleep, for finding a few minutes here and there for myself, and looking forward to my 34th birthday this week. And especially love that my gray hair is all gone, just in time for my birthday!  :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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