Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Best Second Birthday Ever.

We celebrated Thomas's birth today. With 66,333 other Hawks fans at the first round of the playoffs at Qwest Field.  We sold our normal seats to one of our friends, and picked up 4 seats together for Jonathan, Thomas, my uncle Tim and my cousin Brandon.

You could not have picked a better day for football!

We woke up to a snowy forecast, so we were layered for sub-zero weather, but it ended up a pleasant 39° and felt almost balmy.  We carpooled from the farm with Uncle Kevin and Auntie Heidi, and hit Touchdown City for some calm-before-the-storm inside Qwest Field.  After Jonathan played chicken with a train.  Which, thankfully, he won, otherwise I would not be here to write this blog post.  Just for the record.

And we got to celebrate Thomas's birthday in a big way with his name on the Jumbotron.  

Anyway, back to the game.  The Hawks pulled out a stunner -- beating the defending Superbowl Champion Saints, bringing their record this year to 8-9.  Jonathan had posted this story to Facebook earlier in the week and it couldn't be more true!

Thomas with Heidi and Kevin, after he somehow roped Kevin into carrying him up the ramps

The start of the game.

Jonathan and I have a running joke that he doesn't cry at ANYTHING.  Anything at all.  Except for pets.  And now, for Walter Jones raising the 12th Man flag.  He teared up at that.  So did I, but that's not the point. 

Getting high fives from Brandon and everyone else around us after the Hawks' first touchdown.

The Wee Ski promptly fell asleep at the beginning of halftime AND SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE THIRD QUARTER.  Throughout the insane noise and false starts and craziness.  We like to think he was passing his mojo down to the field. 

After the shocker of an ending...the Mausskis were pumped!  Check out the random dude who is in a ton of our photos.  L-R:  Jonathan, Tim, random dude, Brandon  :)

Cheering on the Seahawks after a sleepy nap

We headed to the Cheesecake Factory to finish the celebration. At first, we were going to celebrate with my red velvet cheesecake, so Thomas was ready to blow out candles.  READY. TO. GO.

And then our server brought him his own sundae and everyone started singing.  When he realized we were singing for him, we put his hands in the air.  Cheering for himself. 

They're really singing for me?

Yup, kiddo.  And that sundae is all yours. 

Happy birthday, sweet boy!  Your third birthday will be a tough act to follow!

And in case you missed the incredible 67-yard touchdown with three minutes left in the game.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  The Wee Ski 2.0 = Marshawn Sprouffske?  :)

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KCina said...

awesome! not sure how you can top this for #3, but who cares. what an awesome day for the wee ski and all of WASHINGTON!! ;) Go Seahawks and Happy b-day their littlest 12th man, the Wee Ski!


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