Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday happies

In no particular order.
  • The best lazy afternoon yesterday.I was snuggling in my pajamas and flannel sheets, reading my favorite lemon cookbook, watching the snow fall, and then took a 2 hour nap.  The boys watched the Green Bay game and had manly bonding time.  We had breakfast for dinner: fluffy pancakes, fresh eggs + ham + english cheddar.  Finished with a few hours of Finian Road editing, and headed to bed. 
  • A clean laundry area.The best way to motivate myself to stay up on laundry.  It is definitely a hot spot, once things gather on top of the dryer, it's like a magnet pulls everything toward it.  Having clean and clear washer and dryers make it a snap to finish two loads before breakfast.  Love it.
  • Peace + quiet on the farm.We've only had an inch or snow on the farm, but the snow is still falling gently over the trees.  So quiet and calming.  January is definitely the month of recharging and quieting, after one of the busiest Decembers we've had.
  • Sunday morning meal planning.Up before everyone in the house.  Planned the week ahead for meals (both lunches and dinners) and designed them to give Jonathan tasty, healthy lunches every day as well.  Hitting the store after Mass (with Thomas hanging with Jonathan in the car) makes the trip go so quickly and smoothly.  We both unpack and get the kitchen/fridge cleaned out for the week.
  • A fun week ahead.Time with my girlfriends, down time with the Wee Ski, and a swimming adventure or two. And a trip to one of my favorite stores: The Container Store.
  • Heading to downtown Olympia for lunch today + a walk around the lake with one of Thomas and my favorite people.  Yea!

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Unknown said...

Oh, how I wish there was a container store in Tacoma. I love that place. ... sigh ...

I've got laundry going right now. There's something very therapeutic about that.

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