Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Hawaiian Style

  1. We are out of town, together as a family, for the first time in many months.And it is incredibly awesome to see Jonathan unwind and relax, since he still worked like mad when we were in Chelan.  Everyone has slowed down, taken in the unbelievable weather, and been very grateful that we went to sleep with 75° when it was windy, stormy, and power-losing at home.  With a small 3.5 earthquake at home.  And snow predicted for this home.  :)
  2. I forgot my camera cord.For the first time in forever.  So all of my pics are locked up in my camera, until we're safely home.  I debated finding one here, but then realized that I am loving the simplicity of not blogging while we're here. Or watching the television.  Or really doing anything that's plugged in.  The majority of my 'connectedness' has come from my blackberry, if I remember to bring it with me.  And I love that right now.  Just embracing the simple life, so to speak.
  3. Generation gaps.Which is hilarious in many ways.  We're on Maui with my parents and all had a big laugh at our differences when we were around the pool reading this article from the USA Today
  4. Loving the food here.Of course I am.  Jonathan grilled up some awesome steaks and shrimp last night, with a little pineapple salsa on the shrimp.  I made a broccoli salad and we had Hawaiian sweet rolls down by the ocean.  So tasty.  Seriously looking forward to dinner tonight at the Pineapple Grill in Kapalua.  The pineapple upside down cake is calling to us. 
  5. Sun. Pool. Golf.I have loved poolside with Thomas - who adores the new pools here, and squeals every time we go in.  The first night, he had a royal meltdown when we were walking to Whaler's Village and saw the pools and couldn't go in.  It's like Christmas morning every time he steps into the pool.  They have an awesome Wee Pool that's perfectly sized for him -- 1'6" deep.  He climbs in and out all day long.  Jonathan played a round of golf yesterday on one of Kaanapali's amazing courses...and he's set to tee off tomorrow morning as well, just as the sun rises. 
  6. The Sugar Cane Train.We took the train today and the Wee Ski was in heaven.  The train has a steam engine, and he loved seeing how it worked and all the sounds it made.  It was a bit sad that the last sugar cane fields along the train route closed recently, so there wasn't any actual fields to see, but we got some good views of Kaanapali. 
  7. Yogurtland.In heaven last night.  I have cravings right now for this tart frozen yogurt that Happy Teriyaki has at home...and Yogurtland carries it.  Jonathan and I had a mini date night to Whaler's Village after the Wee Ski was in bed, and we watched little hula dancers and feasted on froyo.  So good.  We have been really blessed to be here with Mom and Dad - Thomas loves the time with his grandparents, and we love the time to be able to recharge.
  8. My sunscreened baby.Spray sunscreen is my new BFF.  And it does awesome things to Thomas's hair.  Photo from my blackberry.
  9. The sleeping arrangements.To give Thomas his "own space" to sleep, we used to just stash his pack& play in the bathroom.  Which worked fabulously until Thomas realized he could turn on the bathroom lights when he was done sleeping (even if we weren't done sleeping) and start calling "Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!"  So we moved his bed.  Into the shower.  And if he turns that's his own fault!

  10. Aloha!!


Becky Callon said...

Zack & Josh rode the sugar cane train way back when they were 3 & 4. Thanks for the memories.

Abby said...

I thought of you this morning as I was walking past PENZY's storefront down town!!!

Sounds like your travels are going well - Travel Safely!

- abby ronnebeck

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