Monday, November 8, 2010

Sassy Santa Pants: A look at 22 months old

Thomas, today you turn 22 months old. 

It's so hard to believe you've almost been with us "on the outside" for nearly two years. 

A few things about you right now:
  • You learn by mimicking.  You clear your plate into the garbage, take it to the sink, you toss dirty diapers in the diaper champ, dirty clothes in the hamper in your room, and you use a napkin like a little gentleman. You follow our moods as well -- so we're had to watch our own behavior because you copy everything we do! 
  • Though you still don't have any interest in the sign of the cross (besides the dunking of your hand into the holy water), you stopped us at dinner tonight to remind us to pray before our meal came.  Your papa and I were so proud of you, especially since we had already prayed when the rolls and salad came because we were starving!  You make awesome little "prayer hands".
  • You still have your moments in Mass.  On Sunday, when Papa had already left for the Seahawks game, you and I were on our own for Mass.  You kicked and yelled, and I actually reminded the mom next to me (who was looking on with disdain with her 3 older children who were just staring and describing how bad you were being), that you are only one year old.  It was hard not to add "and I'm sure your kids were always little angels".  But I didn't.  I may have thought it though! 
  • When you miss Papa, you pull white socks out of the clean clothes and play sock wars.  It's one of your favorite games in the morning with your Papa.  I love watching you guys play.
  • You've started making a goofy face.  You tilt your head back and snort in and out of your nose while giggling.  Hilarious.
  • You're more independent.  You want to walk instead of be carried, you like to cuddle sitting next to us rather than us holding you, and you are learning how to get dressed on your own.
  • You love your boots.  You wear your rainboots everywhere -- in the car, at home over your pajamas, and when you're lounging in just a diaper. 
  • You're learning gentle touches instead of pinching and biting.  It's especially helpful with Papa, Mommy and Maggie the dog.
  • You're in 12-18 month clothing -- though we're starting to move you a bit to 18-24 months and your overalls are 2T.  You still wear size 4 diapers because you are so skinny in your waist.  Did I really give birth to you? 
  • You're grasping more words.  You say "hi" all the time, daddy, doggy, mama or mom (finally!), pease (please), no (you're using this more and more each day), you know that the chickens say "bawk bawk" and the cows go "moof".  Maybe our farm cows have an accent?  You point out doggys everywhere.
  • You always cheer when sports are on.  Either on television or in person.  You love cheering and clapping and getting excited. 
  • You share everything.  From crayons to toys to food to Mommy's blackberry (giving it to perfect strangers).  I love how you don't keep score, you simply want to share what you have.  It's an awesome gift, and we love you for it. 
  • Most times, your motto is "go big or go home".  As evidenced by your tantrum during our Thomas the Elf shoot for the 4th Annual Sprouffske Tree Shindig did not want to be outside and that. was. that.  But the final image is AWESOME with the many sides of my Wee Ski Elves.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.
We love you, sweet boy.  Thank you for being the bestest little boy that we could ask for. 

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Unknown said...

I think it's so awesome that Max and Thomas wear the same size diaper. :)

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